Specialized Industrial Outsourcing

PIPEMASTERS offer technical expertise in the fields of welding and metal works. Experience, trust and know-how of qualified human resources which, by subcontracting, add value to the hiring company. Human resources are our human capital, being a service company, that composes the strategic resource of the company, due to its creativity, as well as the innovation and the potential they represent, these characteristics place the human resources as an organizational asset which needs to be valued through investing in its training. Our production / service team is formed by welding professionals, pipe fitters, locksmiths, mechanicians, designers, aides and others, related to maintenance and industrial metal works. We strive for the continuous training of our employees, which at the operational level allows us to increase productivity and profitability, reduce costs by increasing the efficiency of the work and present ourselves to our clients as a factor of added value that will increase the quality and satisfaction of the services provided.


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