Extraction of Essential Oils

The Freetilizer technology is a patent pending technology that allows the extraction of essential oils from citrus peels. In this sense, having been requested by a large Spanish group dedicated to the production of orange juice, we carried out several tests to find a solution to a current problem in this industry: the surplus of by-products (orange peels). only on a laboratory scale, but also on an industrial scale. The results obtained demonstrate the success that the development of the technology has achieved. In a single process and from a single matrix (orange peels) it is possible to extract aromas and essential oils with a yield of approximately 4%, much higher than current processes. The solid fraction generated can be used as meal for animal feed. The Industrial Technology developed allows the partner company not only to increase profits, through the sale of aromas and essential oils and flour from the solid fraction, but also to eliminate current costs with the large amount of by-products generated.





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