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After a long period of research and creation of procedural and mechanical solutions, FREETILIZER was born. A fast and environmentally friendly technology that transforms and values ​​by-products and organic waste, converting them into correctives or organic fertilizers and even flour for animal feed. This technology also allows the extraction of aromas and essential oils, with profitability levels with yield rates much higher than current methods, guaranteeing all the characteristics that allow their valorization.

The FREETILIZER technology consists in the conversion of nutrients present in organic by-products, using a complex of selected enzymes, in a reactor with homogenization, agitation, pH and temperature controlled. The process ends with a vacuum drying step – efficient drying, which results in the formation of a stabilized product.

Pipe Masters' objective, along with profitability, is the responsibility of promoting the social and environmental awareness of organizations, providing them with solutions that bring economic and environmental added value, in a circular economy perspective.



Although the valorization of agri-food by-products is a necessity, there are still major challenges for this to become a reality. One of the most popular approaches is composting. In this process, the microorganisms present in the by-products are used to decompose the materials and produce a fertilizing material. However, large spaces are usually needed to store the raw materials, being a slow process (between 3 to 6 months) with odor emission and risk of methane gas production when the process is poorly performed. The compost obtained is normally poor in nutrients and there are cases where its agricultural use is not valued.

Another recovery process is the production of biogas by anaerobic digestion. In this process, there is the production of a mixture of gases for later production of energy. Despite the recovery of materials, this does not represent a treatment solution, with the consequent need to carry out secondary procedures for the discharge of liquid effluents and solid fractions to be considered safe. Finally, any industrial valorization process normally separates its processes into different technologies, leading to integration problems and cost increases.

The Freetilizer technology combines all the necessary technologies in the same equipment, directly responding to the needs of large-scale production processes, presenting products with greater added value.

We offer a more sustainable and profitable future

The Freetilizer technology responds directly to UN SDG 12 – Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns – optimizing the use of natural resources, avoiding the average waste of 0.45 kgCO2e/kg of product generated in the agri-food production process.

Economically, there will be a direct benefit to the agri-food industries, which will now be able to profit from the waste fraction. The revenue generated with this technology largely compensates for its use. The products generated by this technology are highly sought after in all developed countries and are often considered commodities. The fact that we can produce them locally and nationally reduces the impact that transporting these products could have.

On an environmental level, the technology allows for a zero-waste approach by optimizing the use of by-products. The organic fertilizers produced make it possible to replace organic matter and nutrients in the soil. The animal feed resulting from the process can be used locally, partially replacing soy and corn, thus reducing the carbon footprint of this industry.


Freetilizer is an innovative technology that allows the recovery of agri-food by-products by transforming them into organic fertilizers or animal feed in less than 24 hours. In particular cases and depending on the composition of the matrix to be treated, it is also possible to extract aromas and essential oils. The entire process is efficient, fast, compact and exploits all resources without producing waste. As the technology is based on a hydrolysis process, applying specific enzymes under controlled conditions, an increase in the bioavailability of nutrients from the digested by-products is obtained.

The vacuum drying process makes it possible to evaporate water at lower temperatures, which allows for the preservation of nutrient quality with a consumption of 200W per ton, lower than conventional methods and without the use of fossil fuels as a source of energy. The water evaporated from the organic materials is later condensed, stored and reused in the next process. Freetilizer technology allows production customization according to need, opening up a range of possibilities in terms of business and revenue generation.


The project has a team with highly qualified staff and academic experience having in a research laboratory, developed and adapted industrial process systems to applied biotechnological tools. A biochemist and a biotechnologist make a careful choice of enzymes, considering the origin of the agri-food by-products used. This last point is essential for obtaining high value-added products and is one of the factors for greater evaluation and testing. To improve the mechanical procedures, the team has mechanical engineers who built a prototype on an industrial scale where optimized conditions of enzymatic hydrolysis, composition and fluidity of the matrices were developed, guaranteeing stability in the final result, as well as the speed and profitability of the process. The project is supported by Pipemasters, a company with 18 years of national and international experience and recognized expertise and knowledge in the industrial segment. The diversity of the team's skills showed added advantages due to the complementarity necessary for the execution of this type of projects, with the results obtained derived from the synergy created.


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Farming - Sheep Industry


Agroalimentares Rações

Food Waste - Solution for its Valorization


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Extraction of Essential Oils


Freetilizer – the technology that will change the world

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