Engineering Projects - Pre-Manufacture and Industrial Assembly

PIPEMASTERS stands out, among other areas of activity, for pre-manufacturing and industrial assembly. By interpreting general plans / layouts, isometric plans, PID or SKIDS principle and working schemes, we pre-fabricate and assemble industrial pipes for all types of fluids and for various sectors of activity. The construction and assembly of metal structures, such as pipe racks, bridges or supports and other complementary structures is also a sector of activity where PIPEMASTERS fits and stands out, both for the means of manufacture as well as for the human resources that compose its team. In order to cover different areas of intervention, PIPEMASTERS also differentiates itself in the transformation and finishing of parts, such as food pumps or polished finishing, both glossy and brushed. We manufacture all kinds of artistic civil locksmith products, such as segmented doors, grids/gates in various materials and finishes, stairs and custom made structures, covers and pieces of refinement and luxury finishes. We have two sites for manufacturing and management, duly structured and equipped with different machinery of advanced technology, of which we highlight a 3 axes numerical controlled bending machine, oxyfuel cutting equipment, plasma cutting up to 40mm, band saw to cut all types of profiles up to 600mm, besides numerous welding machines: TIG Orbital welding machine, high frequency TIG welding machines or synergic MIG/MAG welding machines. All planning and preparation of projects is done through CAD tools for isometric planning and we have technical drawing software - SOLIDWORKS.


Frades II Dam

Frades II Dam


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Pipe Masters - Engineering, Industrial Maintenance and Environment Projects

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